Welcome Back and Updates from GIH!

Global Initiatives Members,

On behalf of the Global Initiatives team I’d like to welcome everyone back this fall! The Global Initiatives team has worked hard this summer to plan a number of exciting new activities coming this year. Below is an overview of the club and highlights for the coming year!

Global Initiatives is a student-run organization focused on innovative business solutions for emerging markets. We aim to provide meaningful information, opportunities, and career guidance for Microfinance, International Development, and Social Enterprise (co-lead with Net Impact). To find more information about global initiatives activities, and connect with our members, please visit the new GIH Facebook page

To read about student experiences as well as new topics in social enterprise and international development on our blog: http://www.gihberkeley.org

– To become a member of Global Initiatives please pay membership dues via PayPay to global.initiatives.at.haas@gmail.com.
o One year membership = $25.00
o Two year membership = $40.00

Below are our latest updates and upcoming plans for the semester.

(1) As part of our market based approaches class, we will be hosting Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO and Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO and Founder of Acumen Fund. For more information on this event visit our events website

(2) We have prepared two Speaker Series this fall designed to introduce students to different methods of addressing poverty through new and innovative business models. The two speaker series are:
o MBA 294.4 – Market Based Approaches to Poverty Alleviation
o MBA 294.6 – Introduction to Microfinance

(3) Global Initiatives will be working with the Nonprofit Center for Public Leadership to develop small part-time consulting projects for students interested in getting direct experience with development projects. We aim to partner with social entrepreneurs and supporting organizations internationally to bring these opportunities to members.

(4) Global Initiatives is working with Net Impact and Career Services to create a Social Impact Career Guide. The Career guides will among other sections, include a focus on social enterprise and international development.

(5) Global Initiatives will be planning out small and informal career treks this semester with social enterprises and development organizations in the bay area. If you’re interested in helping organizing these or have suggestions for companies you’d like to visit in the area, please sign up to volunteer or contact me with suggestions!

Get Involved: Sign up to help with particular events and initiatives this fall! Add your name and area of interest to our collaboration spreadsheet

Good luck to everyone as classes get started. We’re really excited about a great year ahead and can’t wait to see you all soon!

All the best,

The Global Initiatives Leadership Team


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