Technology, entertainment, and design are underfoot, wherever we take the trouble to look


TedxKibera Speaker

TedxKibera Speaker

Last weekend I had the opportunity to support an Acumen Fellow and friend named Suraj at an event he helped to organize called TedxKibera, a syndication of the popular TED conference, except that this event took place in a small church in the center of one of the largest slums in the world, with an audience comprised of individuals for the area.  I thought the event was a great success, and a perfect manifestation of my previous post on meaningfully engaging communities, and working directly with our target consumer. Most of us in the social entrepreneurship space spend much of our time in an office and out in the field with entrepreneurs, folks who already have the opportunity and choice to build successful enterprises and give back, but what I’ve learned from this event is that there is immense potential that we as a community need to learn to tap into directly at the BoP.


Look out the window...

Look out the window...

One of the poignant moments in the event for me was around a discussion on innovation.  The first speaker’s opinion was that innovation is looking at something that already exists for a specific purpose and stretching your mind to come up with a host of other things it can be used for. For example, an empty plastic coke bottle, can be…?  A flower pot! A musical instrument!  An ant farm!  The final speaker picked up this thread, and asked the audience to look out the window of the venue, across the vast expanse of crowded roofs of the ramshackle slum shacks, and conduct the same exercise — to look at the space, the materials, and to consider how to harness the inhabitants and their individual and collective potential to help them innovate and enhance their communities and others.   In order to succeed in our endeavors, we need to consistently push ourselves to not settle for what we already know, but to probe the depths of what the possibilities are, and look for innovations where we would least expect to find them.


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  1. cindy333 says:


    This is fantastic and something that I would love to see happen in the Bay Area. One thing that I’d really love to get though is a diverse group of attendees from different backgrounds and experiences. I’ve found from attending several sustainability conferences in the Bay this summer that everyone at the conferences “gets it” and our discussions devolve into telling people things that we all already know. It’s great that we’re all on the same page — but how do we get the millions of other people there thinking about the same issues in a creative fashion?

    I’d be amazing to try and get folks beyond San Francisco, Berkeley — how about Oakland, Richmond, Chinatown? Let’s get out of the bubble!

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