GIH Delicious Site Launch!

Interested in the social enterprise or international development space, but not really sure where to start? Looking for job opportunities at social VC funds or working on agriculture-related projects in Africa? If so, check out a new resource that the GIH team has created that aggregates the most relevant sites across the web.


It’s a set of 300 bookmarks on Delicious, a social bookmarking site that allows users to tag, save, manage and share web pages from a centralized source. The user name is “global initiatives” and you can access the full list here:

The bookmarks are organized in 3 different dimensions:

  • Issue area (e.g. microfinance, CSR, development, globalhealth)
  • Region (Africa, asia, bayarea,…)
  • Type of resource (e.g. blog, listerve, website, conference, faculty)

… which allows you to filter the bookmarks to find what you are looking for! Many sites have multiple tags, so play around with the combinations.  Alternatively, you can also search all the global initiatives bookmarks and see if the search term appears in the description.

We’re hoping this will become an interactive and evolving resource for the Global Initiatives community. So please email myself ( or Abhay Nihalani ( if you know of other resources that we should add, comments about the Delicious user experience, or if you want to help join the “tag team.” (ok, cheesy I know… sorry!).  We’re always looking to find better ways to share information and knowledge.


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