World Bank :: Social Dimensions of Climate Change

In one of my earlier posts, I talked about environmental sustainability within the larger development context and my experiences working with Oxfam and learning about their take on climate change.  Well, turns out the World Bank just launched a new website called Social Dimensions of Climate Change, with the following focus:

Climate change may be the defining social justice issue of our generation. It brings into sharp relief a vision of a world that is highly polarized – between heavy greenhouse gas-emitting countries and resource-poor countries that will suffer the worst consequences. The rich countries of the world are predominantly responsible for climate change, while poor people in poor countries bear the brunt of its impacts.

Very cool and really looking forward to hearing more about their research and findings.  The World Bank is also co-sponsoring a 2009 Grant Competition on Climate Adaptation which wants to identify 20-25 innovative, early-stage projects that can address this problem.  You can receive up to US$200,000 for implementation over two years.  More information about the competition is located here.


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