Thought the $100 laptop was good? Try $10

Fast Company reports that on February 3rd, the Indian government will unveil a $10 educational laptop with 2GB of RAM, Wi-Fi and expandable hardware, that operates on only two watts of power. Mass production costs are $20, but expect this to be halved as large-scale production starts up.

The laptop is an answer to MIT’s Nicholas Negroponte’s $100 One Laptop Per Child.  Can’t wait to see what it looks like in a few days!

Click here for the Fast Company article.

**Update: It turns out that the $10 laptop is not a full-functioning laptop, but a “computing” device with storage.  Read the comments below for more information. **


2 Responses to Thought the $100 laptop was good? Try $10

  1. Atul says:

    The hype surrounding the $10 laptop “prototype” with two GB RAM turned out to be a joke when the department of Human Resources Development announced — during its inauguration in the temple town of Tirupati — that it wasn’t a laptop at all but a computing device.

    For more details:

  2. cindy333 says:

    Thanks for the update Atul! You are absolutely right — the $10 laptop is just “a computing device along with a hard disk with e-books, e-journals and relevant educative material through the state-art-of-the-art Sakshat portal.”

    Disappointing, but maybe the high visibility will inspire some future entrepreneurs to create a laptop that is not reliant on government and private subsidies and is within reach for the bottom of the pyramid.

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