SoCap08 and

It was an energizing week!  Social Capital Markets 2008 turned out to be a fantastic conference…fabulous attendees and brilliant conversations. I hope that this will be the first of many conferences for the SoCap team!

I was thrilled that Haas was so well represented at the conference.  As someone who worked with the conference organizers to secure Haas as the primary source for volunteers…it was great to see the my classmates in action!  Christy Martell and Lauren Bergeson did a great job coordinating the volunteer effort (over 25 Haas volunteers — we were well represented compared to other bschool programs) and creation of the SoCap wiki.

The highlight for me was getting to blog about the experience for  I am a huge fan of that blog started by WRI and now co-led with Acumen Fund…it was one that I used to read everyday when I was working out of a cubicle at Yahoo! and dreaming of a career at the cross-section of social enterprise and international development.  (The other key influential blog for me was  So it was an absolute honor to get to work with Rob Katz and Francisco Noguera and contribute to the nextbillion conference coverage along with so many industry professionals!

We had 5 bloggers from Haas working with the nextbillion team!  You’ll find blog posts from key Global Initiatives members like Champa Gujjanudu, Cindy Chen and Charlene Chen.  You can also find my blog post there too.

I have had so many wonderful experiences during my first full year of grad school, and attending SoCap08 and blogging for nextbillion was another to add to the list.  That list is getting pretty long!


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