New Leadership for Global Initiatives

It’s that time of year…Elections!  Given the collaborative nature of Haas and the good times we have in Global Initiatives, our club co-President elections will surely not rival the intensity of the Obama/McCain standoff.  However, it’s a great opportunity for us to reflect on all the great club activities and accomplishments over the last year.

For those of you who are thinking of running for the Co-President or VP positions, this will give you a good idea of the vision for each role.  But we encourage you to invent your own activities (and even positions).  This club is a tool for its members — a platform that we’ve used to improve our knowledge in this area, meet new people, and build a community.  We want you to use it in the same way!

We would love to have a leadership team that spans the graduate programs of UC Berkeley and we encourage you to apply for the positions or speak up if you want to be your school’s key “point of contact” for Global Initiatives.  We need your insights to make the club more relevant to all of UC Berkeley!

Global Careers: We held career discussions, participated in non-traditional job search support groups, and organized a January career trek to Washington DC where students met with organizations like the Grameen Foundation, Ashoka, Technoserve, Shorebank International, and Winrock.  This position is great for having an excuse to establish contacts with organizations you’re interested in working with in the future.

Thought Leadership: The club was able to support two speaker series on campus – Enterprising Solutions and Microfinance.  Both of the series were widely attended and explored a wide variety of developing world topics.  In addition to formal speaker series, we were able to organize several independent speaker events with representatives from the BiD Network, Vitalwave Consulting, and Intel emerging markets, among others.  This position is a platform for bringing great speakers to campus.

Global Outreach: We launched this blog and website, strengthened relationships with cross-campus academic centers, connected with other Berkeley student groups, developed a Global Initiatives database of resources, and organized participation in several conferences such as Net Impact and Social Capital Markets.  We also had several students become guest bloggers for, an Acumen Fund’s blog.  This position is a fabulous way to expand your network at Berkeley and beyond.

Community: We organized a fall Graduate School Mixer event sponsored by the Blum Center for Developing Economies and had fun meeting other Berkeley students interested in the areas of global health, ICTD, energy, water sanitation, education, and other relevant international development topics.  We also organized more informal “hangs” such as a Beckett’s happy hour to chat about winter break travels.  This position is a great way to contribute to club’s culture of fun.

: We have led the charge for Global Initiatives this past year, helping manage or run the initiatives listed above in partnership with our leadership team.  A few additional activities that we’ve worked on include establishing closer ties to the Richard C. Blum Center, creating a Global Initiatives intranet site that we use to keep track of club activities and key documents (so you don’t have to start from scratch each year) and representing the club at all the MBAA events (leadership offsite, career fairs, etc.).

We’re always looking for more great ideas, and would love for club members to initiate activities as well!  If you are interested in becoming a Global Initiatives club leader, please reference the timeline in our email sent out to the club.


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