School Feeding in Ghana!

This summer, I worked with the Ghanaian government on their school feeding program as part of Haas’ International Business Development (IBD) course. The Ghana School Feeding Program is an amazing program that provides lunches to over 975 primary schools in Ghana to over 400,000 students. By 2010, it is projected that the program will serve 2,900 schools and approximately 1.04 million primary school children.

The program was launched in 2005 with the goal of contributing to poverty reduction and increased food security in Ghana. The three key objectives of the program are to 1) reduce hunger and malnutrition by providing all primary and kindergarten students in beneficiary schools a nutritious meal each school day 2) increase school enrollment, attendance, and retention and 3) boost domestic food production by sourcing GSFP meals locally, and providing a sustainable market for local food producers in the community. These objectives align closely with the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) surrounding hunger, poverty, and primary education.

While the program has been extremely successful, there are some operational areas that need attention. Our project was threefold, and involved sizing the market created by the feeding program for food staples such as maize, cassava and rice; optimizing meals given price trends and nutritional content; and identifying points in the value chain where small farmers can capture more of the market. We worked with the Ghanaian government and a number of international development organizations including the UNDP, WFP, IFCD, Technoserve to identify trends and opportunities for local farmers to be more involved in the school feeding program.

The experience was awesome. Not only because we were able to provide a valuable analysis, but also because I was able to work closely with two other MBA students in an environment which was extremely challenging!


22 Responses to School Feeding in Ghana!

  1. Rennie says:

    Very interesting stuff.I have an academic interest in the Ghana SFP and would be grateful if you could share more information.

  2. Kwesi says:

    We are currently working on this as one of our MBA Operations Management project in Ghana. Please get in touch for us to share ideas.

  3. ibrahim sulley says:

    I am currently doing my long essay on this programme in the Bawku West district as part of my academic in the Univ of Ghana and would happy if you could share more of this with me.

    thank you,

    ibrahim sulley (0243930423)

  4. Rainer says:

    Currently doing a undergraduate thesis on something similar and would be grateful if you could share more of the information you have. Please do get in touch.

  5. Velma says:

    I have found your information invaluable as i write a paper on globalization from below for my MA in Communication for Development – seeking solutions from within. I see similarities between this program and the Brazilian Zero Hunger national policy. Many countries including my country Kenya still have not created linkages for better access to produce from high yield regions to the low yield areas. Malnutrition is still a challenge is many parts. Has your study in identifying other value again opportunities explored traditional food preservation methods. Cassava can be harvested and preserved as a pulp in underground pits for the dry season and to curb against price increase… Thank you.

  6. Jacque Thompson says:

    Rangoon Primary school is not on the school feeding program.

  7. Am writing an expository about school feeding program please can i get more informatiom

  8. Please can i get the importance of food security in sustaining the school feeding programme?


    Am currently researching into its effect on pupils academic performance other than enrollment,as my undergraduate thesis at University of Ghana.Please help me with more information

    From Anipa,Success Cosmos 0243232762 or 0260950054

  10. MAY says:

    I am writing an undergraduate thesis on the GSFP with regard to the the objective on school enrolment, attendance and renrolment…would be glad to get more information from you.

  11. Abena Dufie Ansong says:

    Im writing a long essay on the effects on the Ghana school feeding program on the enrollment, retention and academic performance of pupils in rural Ghana. Please help me with some information and we could share ideas on this too. Thanks

  12. nabila says:

    Am writing an undergraduate long essay on GSFP and its effect on enrollment and retention rate in the nadowli district…. would be glad to share info. 0245897374

  13. Zewdu Fikre says:

    am an Ethiopian living in Ethiopia. am now a student . I have already submitted my thesis on Girls Initiative Program on Girls Education and have gotten approval. But, the reviewers advised
    me to include others African countries experiences on the program and school feeding program.

    how can I get your review literature to read and to have some knowledge about your country experience had on this program ?
    my e mail address is
    many thanks ,

  14. clothe says:

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  16. Anonymous says:

    i am writing my thesis on GSFP and the on enrollment at basic schools in Gwollu

  17. I am JOSHUA OWUSU AFRIYIE and i am writing my thesis on GSFP on the enrollment at basic schools in wa municipality can i get any information on that 0246248864 or 0208656527

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