Global Initiatives Info Session

Global Initiatives had our info session today along with Net Impact, BERC, GSVC and the Education Leadership Clubs.

We had a great turnout and we are all very excited about the possibilities for this year. A big thank you for all the graduate students from programs across Berkeley that came to join us for the info session!!

I have posted our slides from the info session below. Please check them out.

If you want to get involved in Global Initiatives, here’s some key next steps!

1. Email Megan Ryskamp or send us your email address and we’ll add you to our list

2. Write a $20 check to Global Initiatives and put it in Megan’s mailbox in the MBA student lounge (just off the Bank of America Forum)

3. Join us for our first club meeting on September 17th at 4pm.  The purpose of this meeting is two-fold.

– Get-to-know each other and meet the 2nd year leadership team.  We’ll also go into more detail about the planned fall events.

– Get-in-the-know what’s happening on campus and in the bay area with regards to international business and development.  We’ll review a list of relevant UC Berkeley and Bay Area email listserves, UC Berkeley faculty and classes, UC Berkeley centers and upcoming events.  That way you’ll be up-to-speed and dialed-in asap.

4. If you want to start to meet others wanting to discuss global issues, come to the Faculty Club for breakfast next Thursday morning (Sept. 18th) at 8am. Please email Roxanne if you’re interested in attending.

We’re looking forward to a great year!
– Megan and Roxanne

All of the slides


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