End of Week 1 in Ghana

Now that IBD in Gabon is over, I am in Ghana for a 10 week internship at BusyInternet, which started as an internet cafe/copy center, but also offers a plethora of services ranging from ISP (dial-up, broadband, satellite) and SME (small/medium enterprise) incubation to laptop repair, event hosting, and movie nights.

Ghana (15)

Busy is located off of Ring Rd., which is one of the main roads in Accra:

Ghana (35)

Most of this week was consumed by organizing and facilitating a two-day workshop for brainstorming the restructuring of Busy’s ISP business unit. I am pleasantly surprised to have the opportunity to apply concepts learned from my Organizational Behavior class this past fall =). I have also started interviewing people from Busy’s various departments (HR, Finance, Sales, Tech, Help Desk, etc.) to get to know the business better and also assess Busy’s functional requirements for a CRM implementation. It’s a bit intimidating thinking about designing, configuring, testing, deploying, and training a CRM application in 10 weeks (especially when this is usually done by a large team of consultants over the course of at least six months), but I hope that whatever I accomplish, I will make a lasting impact.


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