[Mayfield Fellows: China] The Great Wall and Goodbyes

Our last day in China was a blast, a great way to end our Mayfield trip. 

We woke up early and loaded onto a bus that took us to the Great Wall in Badaling, a 1.5hr trip.  As we drove into the mountains, the scenery was amazing.  We had a tour guide on the bus that none of us could understand except David.  All we remembered was how loud the volume was!  Badaling’s Great Wall point is perhaps the most touristy of the Great Wall destinations – cheap souvenirs, fake wood entrance (think Matterhorn or Splash Mtn), and speakers blasting Kenny G (I kid you not!).  We were a bit taken aback by this introduction to the Great Wall.  But, once we all made it up to the wall itself and began our climb (we climbed from tower 4 to tower 9), our initial skepticism was washed away.  This wall truly is amazing, especially when you consider it took decades to build, 10 thousand people, and it spans approx. 10k miles in total!!  This is one experience I will never forget – just like the Taj Mahal in India.  How lucky we are to experience 2 of the greatest man-made feats of engineering in one trip!!


 By the end of this Great Wall experience, we were in high spirits.  We felt on top of the world; the Mayfield Fellows are prepared to tackle any obstacle; any challenge or issue we know we can navigate to a solution.  Like getting back home:

Well, eventually we found our bus and made it back to Beijing.  Our final event was a good one — dinner with some of our Haas classmates and some of the 2010 new admits!!  We ate in a very cool area called Hohai, which is a bar/restaurant area surrounding a small lake.  I don’t remember the name of the restaurant where we ate, but it was very tasy!  We crammed 12+ folks into a small private room and had a blast.  I wish I had a picture of this event, but I had already used up my 2 GB of memory space on my camera (yeah, I took ~600 pictures on this trip!!)… 

And that was that.  We woke up very early the next day, caught a cab to the airport, and spent the next 24 hours traveling back to the US through Hong Kong.  Our Mayfield Trip 2008 has come to a close and now we are on to beginning our summer internships.  What an experience!!  We met with so many successful folks on our trip from VC, law firms, etc – some great contacts.  We saw some amazing sites, and experienced some of the finer aspects of the Indian and Chinese cultures.  And we ate (and ate, and ate) some extremely delicious, and occasionally adventurous, meals.  I have to shout out some kudos to Uday and David for their excellent job in being our tour guides, translators, food experts, etc in India and China respectively.  Thanks guys, you were great!!  And with that, I am signing off – Mayfield Fellows 2008 trip blog is officially complete!!


2 Responses to [Mayfield Fellows: China] The Great Wall and Goodbyes

  1. roxannemiller says:

    Jon, thanks for writing so many great blog posts! I felt like I was following you and the Mayfield Fellows team every step of the way. Your trip makes me want to visit both countries…but spend a lot more time in each when I go 🙂 I hope you get some rest!

  2. noteSedato says:

    Thank you for Knowlage Today … Am Enjoy

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