[Mayfield Fellows: China] Operation Do-Everything-In-China On Road to Success

We Mayfield Fellows don’t quite know how to describe this two week trip; is it a vacation?  A business trip?  I think it’s just a big mash-up of both.  But in any event, we have certainly done a lot, whether it be educational meetings or sightseeing excursions.  The wear-and-tear on the team is showing, but we’re still kicking (on fumes) and having a great time!

Our last day in Shanghai was productive.  Brian had been on a mission since we arrived in China to go to the Shanghai Museum.  We decided against going Saturday afternoon because the line was wrapped around the building – we thought we’d be clever and show up early on Sunday morning to beat the crowds.  Well, little did we know, Sunday was a holiday (Children’s Day), so the line was even longer in the morning, full of families waiting to get inside!!  Once inside, we experienced four floors of very cool, historical artifacts.  I took lots of pictures of many of these exhibits, here are a few of my favorites:

We had one last meeting that day with NEA Ventures, and one last evening on the town. We then said goodbye early Monday morning. 

Beijing — our last leg of the trip, home of the summer olympics (in ~2 months). I have to say, I’m not sure they’ll actually be ready for the games by then!  Lots of construction is happening all over town, restoration of lots of the sites, etc, but I cannot see how the city will be ready by the start of the games.  Reminds me of that commercial for Coke (or something) before Athens where the sprinters ran through a construction site of workers finishing the stadium!

Yesterday we visited Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, right in the center of Beijing.  Quite cool, although we found ourselves very ignorant of the historical significance of what we saw.  I need to review my 8th grade world history books I guess…

We ate dinner at a famous restaurant renowned for its Peking Duck dishes.  I can say we certainly had opportunity to eat duck – pretty much every part of the duck!  I can elaborate later, it was a new, and actually delicious, experience!!

Today, we visited the new Olympic Stadium and surrounding area – there is quite a bit of Olympic excitement all around town, and the new structures are quite amazing!

Well, this is my last blog entry from China – we have one last day, which I am very excited about, as we will be traveling to the Great Wall for a day trip!  Should be a great way to end our Chinese experience.  I will finish out our Mayfield trip blog after I get back to the states, so stay tuned!


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