[IBD: Gabon] An average day working in Libreville

IBD Team Gabon’s daily routine in Libreville:
1. Le petit dejeuner: A light breakfast consisting of French bread with butter/jam/Nutella, and powdered coffee w/powdered milk.
2. Head to the old office of the Wildlife Conservation Society so that we can check email before our first interview.
3. Pile into the back of a sedan or smelly taxi and head to our first interview.
4. Wait anywhere from 15 minutes to over two hours.
5. Our WCS client introduces us, and Sergio masterfully drives the interview in near flawless French. Kris and Charlene listen intently and scribble notes in EngliFrench.
6. We pose for a formal photo:
7. If we’re lucky, we have lunch at a random restaurant. If not, then we have ham & cheese baguettes at the hospital cafeteria across the street.
8. We head to our afternoon interviews. Continue to sweat in our business clothes.
9. Work at the old WCS office.
10. Hail a taxi to head home:
11. Go for a run (while the locals stare and/or laugh at us) or unwind in the living room:
12. Eat dinner, cooked by our chef/housekeeper Pierre.

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