[Mayfield Fellows: China] Shanghai Express Rolls On…

The past two days in Shanghai have been filled with great meals and some fun exploration to parts of the city whose names I cannot pronounce. I apologize to any of you considering traveling to Shanghai, this entry will be of no help to your planning, unless you can match up the pictures to the actual destinations!

But first, business: Mayfield business to be exact. We were lucky to set up an appointment with one of Shanghai’s top IP lawyers of Watson & Band. We had a great discussion over tea about China’s regulatory processes, entrepreneurship and the law, and of course, the big question of how china is addressing violations and piracy of foreign IP.

We have explored several areas of the city over the last two days. The best I can say is that the city is divided into East and West by the Huangpu River. Most of the areas we’ve visited are on the West side. One of the great Chinese experiences is the Nanjing Road, with shopping galore for everything you can imagine, both fake and real. We were lucky to be there after dark and the lights and excitement of the area were fun. It got real interesting when we noticed one store selling pig faces (yes, it’s true)!! No one bought one, in case you’re wondering…

Today we explored a different part of town, near the famous “Bund” area of Shanghai. This area (which will remain nameless, someone please fill me in!) was a mix of local shopping area into an extreme tourist area. In the center of this tourist area is the famous Yuyuan Garden — this place is beautiful! We spent the better part of an hour exploring the nooks and crannies of the place – coi fish, rock formations, pagodas and all! Beautiful! (and surrounded by some great dumpling places I might add…)

Well, besides the good times during the last two days, we’ve had a great time exploring Shanghai’s nightlife as well – the French Corridor has Kaan’s favorite bar: Beaver. Known for it’s mean foosball table and relatively cheap beer. Tonight’s bar of choice was Luna, in some area I can’t pronounce. Expensive, but great fun! And near our favorite restaurant of our Shanghai experience, one that (again), I don’t recall the name, but it specializes in Taiwanese dumplings. Good thing Wende of the IBD team was there to show us the proper way to consume dumplings!!

We have one more day in Shanghai, and Brian is dead set on visiting the museum. One more meeting, and one last dinner hurrah, and we’re off to our final destination of our Mayfield trip, Beijing! More to come soon!


One Response to [Mayfield Fellows: China] Shanghai Express Rolls On…

  1. Helen Ip says:

    There is a proper way to eat dumplings? You’ll have to show me!

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