[Mayfield Fellows:India] Bring it on, Bangalore!

We Mayfield Fellows are hardcore in our mission to meet as many contacts as possible in the business ecosystem of India.  Yesterday was a testament to this.  We flew into Bangalore early (ie, got up at 330am, ouch!), and went straight to our first meeting with Silicon Valley Bank’s India office.  We learned a great deal about their work here in India in facilitating deals and providing services to start-ups and invstors.  We also enjoyed their hospitality as we ate their entire store of  Good Day biscuits”!

After this meeting we were in high spirits.  Little did we know our next meeting would turn out to be quite an adventure.  We were to meet with GE Research’s Director of IP at 530pm in an area of town called White Field, a 1hr trip.  We had hired a personal driver with an SUV, which was a good decision as a monsoon began to pour down on us as we left our hotel!  The drive was quite “interesting” — from the flooding roadways, to the auto-rikshaws and buses seemingly trying to hit us, to the car that we actually did hit (!), to hearing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” over and over and over again whenever our driver backed up…yeah, let’s just say we were happy to reach White Field.  But that wasn’t all.  GE Research employs over 5000 people and is a huge campus.  And yet, actually finding the place was nearly impossible!  We persevered and found the campus, had a great meeting with the Director – a great example of “Intrapreneurship” in India with GE.

Now, that wasn’t the end of our adventure.  The ride back was just as hairy – I’m just glad I wasn’t in the back of the car as 2 buses nearly rammed into us (Kaan was lucky, let’s just say)…!  This journey is a little hazy for me though as I zonked out.  All I remember is two things – 1) the crunch of a motorcycle hitting a tree near us (not our fault, or was it?), and 2) momentarily waking up and seeing the side of a bus within inches of my face.  But we made it, and all was well.

Today was much tamer, our day off – some sightseeing and well needed R&R. 

Tomorrow is our last day in Bangalore, and then we hit the sweltering heat of Dehli!  But we’re tough.  We’ll pull through, don’t worry!  You can count on the Mayfield Fellows!!!


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