[Mayfield Fellows: India] We’ve arrived!

The Mayfield Fellows departed on Monday the 19th for their annual trip to India and China.  After 26 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Mumbai, our first of many destinations.  The flights and layovers seem like a dream now that we’re actually on the ground in Mumbai; all I remember involves fidgety neighbors  intruding on my precious middle seat arm rest real estate, friendly conversations about very random tidbits of information, and the string of really bad movies shown on the planes (Rambo included…).  After a harrowing cab ride at 3am in the morning through the streets of Mumbai, we arrived at our hotel and subsequently passed out.

For those of you who don’t know what the Mayfield Fellows program really is, it’s basically a program for entrepreneurial focused, engineering- and science-background grad students at UC Berkeley to experience the start up ecosystem.  We are mentored by VC’s, find summer internships at start ups, and travel to other hotbeds of innovation (ie: this is why we’re traveling through India & China!).

Today was a blast – we had an opportunity to meet with one of the Mayfield Fund’s India partners.  This satisfied one of our trip’s goals to meet entrepreneurs or venture capitalists in India/China.  It was a great conversation and we learned a ton about the state of Indian entrepreneurship and venture capital inestments in only one hour!  I hope this is the first of a chain of great conversations that will balance our trip between play and education!

More to come, stay tuned!  (and hopefully some pictures too)  But now, I sign off to finish the 2nd half of the Manchester United / Chelsea football championship game!  Cheers all!


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