[Mayfield Fellows: India] Mumbai’s last hurrah

Well, our time in Mumbai was very short, we spent our 2nd and final day today.  It was a great mix of sleep, business, and play.  After a very exciting Manchester United win, half of the team spent the better part of the morning sleeping in until noon.  That would include me.  The other half (the better half I might add) spent this time enriching their perspectives by visiting the Ghandi Museum, which they said was very good… 

We were productive today as well, as we had a great meeting with a venture capitalist with the Seed Fund, an early stage investment house focused on Indian startups dealing with education, IT, services, etc.  It was a great meeting that almost never happened as the taxi drivers we commissioned didn’t know where the building was at all!  Somehow we made it, on berkeley time of course (which is acceptable in India I’m told…).

To cap the night off, we just returned from a fantastic dinner on the rooftop of a hotel near the “Gateway of India” monument, which is on the water off of downtown Mumbai.  Great views, super chill music, and probably some of the best Indian food I’ve ever eaten were had.  Plus great company of course.  Which leads me back full circle to the lesser half of the group who were intelligent enough to get enough sleep this morning.  Ah, the art of spin…!

We head to Bangalore tomorrow VERY EARLY, leaving at 4am.  Looks like this blogger will be running on fumes, but that’s the way I roll.  Next time…pictures, I promise!!!


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